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Your event is the event of the year! Let Red Seal Meals make it a success. 

Our food options, customized service and professional expertise will meet your expectations, and allow you and your guests to relax, enjoy and eat well! From Beef-on-a-Bun and sandwiches to large scale dinners and corporate events, we take care of everything for you. 

Choose from a wide range of meal options with suggested meal configurations, prepared platters, and settings. Want to do something different and unique? No problem! Red Seal Meals catering services provides FREE consultations to help make your event a unique experience, with custom meals and specialty items.

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Suggested Menus

Dear Customer,

The following list was developed to make your decision on what to choose for your catered event quick and easy.  But, please remember that I am a qualified Chef and I am more than willing to create a menu to meet your own specific needs. We also cater out to most locations.  For full services at cater outs please add $2.00 a person to the cost of the menu. We also will cater to special health and/or religious needs. Please feel free to contact me at (807) 625-6512 or email  Leave your name and phone number requesting catering advice. 

Yours truly,

Chef Don

Click to expand and view buffet menu's below.

Menu #1 (Buffet)
Menu #2 (Buffet)
Menu #3 (Roast Chicken & Meatballs Deluxe Buffet)
Menu #4 (Roast Chicken & Meatballs Buffet)
Add-on's for buffets + cost per person

Menu #5 (Fancy Sandwiches Buffet)
Menu #6 (Cocktail Party Buffet)
Menu #7 (Cold Cuts & Kaiser Buffet)
Menu #8 (Carved Beef on a Bun Buffet)
Menu #9 (Roast Turkey & all the Trimmings Buffet)
Add-on's for buffets + cost per person

Menu #10 (Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Buffet)
Menu #11 (Finn Pancake Breakfast Buffet)
Menu #12 (Pasta & Meatballs Buffet)
Menu #13 (Chinese Buffet)
Menu #14 (Pasta & Meatball - Served)
Menu #15 (Chicken Strips & French Fries - Served)
Menu #16 (Grilled Pork Chop - Served)
Menu #17 (Breaded Pork Cutlet Dinner - Served)
Menu #18 (Roast Beef Dinner - Served)
Menu #19 (Funerals Only Cold Buffet)

Catering Services:

  • Executive Chef at Home Service
  • Consultation Services
  • Buffets
  • Sit-down Dinners
  • Hors d'oeuvres
  • Cater In / Cater Out
  • Business Luncheons
  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Cocktail Parties
  • In-Home Parties
  • ...and much more

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